Hot-dip galvanized steel strip is a rust resistant zinc coated, The process results in a layer of zinc on each side of the steel sheet that is tightly adhering to the steel through the formation of an iron-zinc alloy bonding layer that is formed by a diffusion process while the heated steel strip is in contact with the molten zinc.

Hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Produced for us in coil for by the modern continuous method of passing the uncoiled steel sheet through its bath of molten zinc, this process is now the principal method used in the manufacturing of Hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

This is a prime quality rust resistant zinc coated, hot dipped galvanized grade of sheet steel that combines both utility and beauty. The zinc coating is firmly bonded to the base metal making its slit coils ideal for operating economy. The coating for hot dipped galvanized steel is traditionally thicker than electro-galvanized steel, suitable for heavy applications and extended outdoor exposure.

We have complete facilities for Slitting – Shearing – Blanking and Edging. From hot rolled steel strip to Hot-dip galvanized steel strip, Tangshan Shuixin Steelrolling’s Hot-dip galvanized steel strip refined tecnoligy guarantees comprehensive corrosion protection.

With our galvanizing lines at group locations in China, we are able to provide strip products with all-round corrosion protection. Hot-rolled strip is turned into galvanized strip with a zinc coating of between 40 and 275 g/m2. If you need, material tolerances and grades can be tailored to the customer’s precise specifications. Our plants for flat rolled steel products are equipped with powerful slitting lines that can handle strip thicknesses from 0.2 to 5.0 mm and produce slit strip to widths of between 20 to 950 mm.

hot dipped galvanized steel cut to exact size flat sheets, exact size blanks or their multiples offer great savings over the use of pattern sheets in standards sizes.

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